Breaking the first rule of copywriting club

The first rule of copywriting club is – don’t start by asking your audience for a favour.

…but I’m still going to do it anyway.

Please can you do me a favour and reply to this email?

I’m not looking for prose that would rival Wordsworth, Shakespeare or Jepson (Carly Ray). I’m just looking for a quick answer.

If the question I ask makes you think, you’ll find coming up with an answer very valuable.

We’ll get to the question in a sec.

(You’re already scrolling to the bottom, aren’t you? No worries, I’ll wait…)

One of the things I love most about comedy is the uniqueness of it. Every comedian is different. If your budget/life partner/kidneys would allow, you could go and watch comedy every single night for a year and never see the same thing twice.

You can watch 2, 3 or 87 comedians talk about having kids and, because each comes at it from a different angle, you won’t get bored. It’s the same, but different enough to still feel new and fresh.

It’s the same with your business. Sure, you might be one of 8 gazillion social media managers living on your street, but there’s something different about YOU, isn’t there?

There’s something YOU do that’s a little bit different, a little bit better, a little bit weirder than all the others, isn’t there?

There’s something about YOU that makes you different from the rest.

What is it?

That’s what I want you to tell me.

Yes, you’re a professional kettle descaler/magician/antelope testicle massager, but what is it that makes YOU so different from all the other professional kettle descalers/magicians/antelope testicle massagers?

The best comedians have a distinctive USP – their take on life.

The best businesses have a distinctive USP – something that makes them unique.

What’s yours?