50,000 feet up

I could tell you why you should be using humour in your posts, content and secret (and rather explicit) fan letters to former Olympic star Paula Radcliffe, but there’s a wider benefit I want to focus on today.

And it’s summed up by the question:

“Why WOULDN’T you want work to be more fun?”

Even if humour didn’t:

  • Get you more likes
  • Help build you an army of adoring fans
  • Create more engagement
  • Increase the much sought after “know, like and trust” factor

If humour didn’t do all that for your business (and it can)…

why wouldn’t you want your work life to be a bit more fun?

Even if everything else stayed exactly the same as it is now, wouldn’t life be a little bit easier if you were having a laugh while doing it?

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Stress is a killer.

Inject some fun and humour into your work. I don’t care how but do it.

Content will be easier to create. Meetings will have a lower death count. You’ll kick your dog less.

When you begin to add even a tiny bit of fun, life gets easier. The boring stuff doesn’t make you want to kill yourself. You find that you need less willpower and self-discipline to do the things that need doing.

Adding some fun and humour to your work life makes everything easier.

Small change…

BIG difference.

Tomorrow, I’ll prove it to you by showing you some ways to make your to-do list more fun.

I’ll see you then!

[ still trying to find the perfect sign off ]


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