Can I be rude?

Can I be a bit rude, just for a second?

No rude-rude. You know, like calling you fat or inferring that your choice of automobile is contrary to your apparent sexuality.

Not that rude, but still a little bit rude.

Can I ask you for your help?

I need to get my act together and create some more products. Most of the time, when people do this, they come at it from the wrong angle – they look at what they can make, not what people want.

I’d like to make something useful. Specifically:


It’s a bold move, right?

Here’s what I’m thinking – public speaking is becoming more and more important. It’s a life skill that’s worth learning – not because you’re going to be giving speeches up and down the country or because you should do stand up comedy, but because…

…being able to clearly communicate your ideas is a skill worth learning.

It’ll save your ass in job interviews, presentations and meetings at work, as well as other situations, like when you’re called upon to make a toast or a best man speech. 

Heck, being a better communicator could even save your marriage!

Being a good communicator is a life skill worth learning.

I’m not the best in the world at this but, after doing magic and comedy for many years, I think I’ve learned some lessons. 

I can help you be a better speaker.

Before I can do this though, I need to know a few things.

So, if speaking in front of people causes your stomach to do more flips than an Olympic vaulting team, please have a read of this post:

And let me know what you think.