The most nerve racking 27 seconds of my life

27 seconds to go…

There’s a time and place for being funny…

…and this wasn’t it.

23 seconds…

OMG! I can’t remember feeling more nervous than this in my entire life.

20 seconds… I made my move. I pressed a button, turned a dial and tried to sound vaguely human.

It worked.

15 seconds… I pressed another button, turned another dial and said the 9 words they’d instructed me to say.

10 seconds… another button and then a few more words, this time my own words (truth be known, I’d nicked them off Teletext!).

1 second… I turned one dial, switched everything else off and thanked god I didn’t fuck anything up.

It was over.

I’d survived.

Doing your first ever LIVE radio show link is not a time to be funny.

It was scary as hell.

What made it worse was, not only was it my first link, it was also the most complicated.

I had to orchestrate a perfectly timed dance involving three jingles, two announcements and one syndicated news that started at PRECISELY 2 AM.

If you’ve never worked in radio, that’s a hell of a lot to keep track of for your first ever link… on your first ever show.

It’s like taking a beginner class in juggling and the teacher saying, “here ya go… pop on this blindfold while I fire up the chainsaws…”.

Being funny and amusing was waaaaaaaay down my list of priorities.

I just wanted to not mess it up.

It’s the same with marketing your business. Humour can add colour and personality to your message, but…


Craft a rock-solid message first, then add the personality after.

It was weeks before I started relaxing and having fun with the top of the hour sequence.

It’s worth thinking about this when you’re starting something new in your business, especially marketing.

If you’re learning FB ads or email marketing, don’t worry too much about adding humour just yet.

Get the basics down first.

Once you’ve mastered those, then start to have some fun and add some “you” to the mix.