Enough is enough

“I think should/need to decrease the amount of text you put on your images. Facebook restricts the reach of any image with 20+% text covering it.”

I’m always grateful when people offer me useful advice, and this is great advice. So thank you.

I’m still going to ignore it though.

At some point, you have to say “enough”.

Maybe I could get more eyeballs on my words if I clicked “Post” at precisely 17:37 (Eastern, obvs) and maybe Mark Zuckerberg would give it a heftier shove if my word-to-image ratio was 17.24%, instead of the shocking 17.26% it presently is, but…

…do I really want to play that game?

Time spent tweaking the image to fit the mould and cropping the word count so it matches the algorithm could be spent doing other – more productive – things.

Not to mention that dragging your ideas through this obstacle course often waters down the content and passion behind your message. What started as a powerful, rallying call to arms can end up looking a bit “meh…”.

Seth Godin tells the story of how, at writing conferences, there’s always someone who asks Stephen King what kind of pencil he uses to write.

It doesn’t matter. It’s not relevant.

At some point, you have to say “I’m not playing anymore”.

Your audience isn’t going to remember you because you posted at a specific time, or because your image met the standard.

They’re going to remember you because you showed up.


When a new reader stumbles across your post in a year or so, will they care what time you posted it?

No one who’s read Kevin Kelly’s “1000 True fans” post cares what time it was posted, or asks about the theme of the website. Nor would having me design an image to go with it lessen its influence.

(Actually, it probably would. I’m VERY shit at designing stuff)

It’s the work that counts and it’s the work that will change their life.

Focus on doing good work.

Essentially, what I’m saying is…

…I’m going to continue being shit at designing images to go with my posts.

(Posted at 2:31am, via my Sanyo toaster while wearing a Batman onesie and drinking Ribena from a mug)