The marketing see-saw

A few days ago I wrote about my realisation that the whole * INSERT GAG HERE * process is summed up by the phrase:

“How would I do this?”

While this is a great place to start, frustratingly, it’s not the complete answer.

(Dammit. Why are things never easy?)

If you only focus on what you can do, and how you do it, you’re going to fail. You’ll fail because you’re neglecting the most important side of the sales see-saw…

…your audience.

“Hang on, first you told me to work out how I would do this, and now you’re telling me to pay attention to my audience? Make up your bloody mind…”

Fair point. Thanks for not swearing.

“…you bastard!”


You should always start with your audience.

  • Who are you talking to?
  • What do they want?
  • Where are they in the buying process?
  • What are their hopes/fears/worries/dreams?

Got the answers to these questions? Good. 

NOW you ask the question…

“How would I do this? How can I help them meet this need?”

Time spent focusing on the audience ensures you solve a useful problem.

Time spent focusing on your own skills and abilities ensures you solve it in a way only you can.

Have a fab Monday,


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