It’s not you, it’s me

It was about 1 hour 45 minutes into his podcast with Malcolm Gladwell that Joe Rogan said it…

…Damn. I can’t leave you with a vague timestamp. I’m going to have to go and grab the exact moment. Hang on a sec…

Here ya go:

If you have a few hours free, listen to the whole thing. 

(I usually listen while doing the washing up, or trying to drown out whatever horrific noise my kids are making)

Podcasts – preventing Filicide since 2004.

Anyway, before I confess to any other potential crimes…

Two hours into the conversation, they start talking about audiences, specifically if there is such a thing as a bad audience.

And then Rogan says it:

“It’s NEVER their problem. Not a chance in hell.”

As a comedian, if you die a death on stage and blame the audience, you’re never going to improve.

It’s the same with marketing. It’s NEVER the audience’s fault.

If your social post didn’t get as many likes as you’d like, don’t blame the algorithm, or your follower’s lack of taste.

It’s probably you.

Your cold email didn’t snag you any new clients? Maybe it’s your copy and not their appalling sense of humour.

Blaming the other person is the easy way out. If it’s THEIR fault, YOU don’t have to do anything.

If your latest marketing effort didn’t rock the world as you’d hoped, don’t condemn the algorithm, blame the moon cycle or write a sternly worded letter to Gary Vee…


Do what a comedian would do – 

  • Work out why it bombed
  • Make some changes
  • Try it again tomorrow

When you adopt this approach, you take responsibility for your business and assume control of your marketing.

And because you’re being proactive, you’re actually learning more about your audience and your market as you go.

You’re getting better.

So next time your email is opened less than an envelope marked “Boudoir photos of Anne Robinson“, or your ‘gram of your lunch only got 1 like (Thanks Mum!), remember…

It’s not them, it’s you… probably.