From “Meh…” to “WHEN CAN WE MEET?” in one message

You’re browsing Facebook when, between a photo of a salad and a photo of a sweaty man celebrating his first push up, you see a job advert.

It’s perfect. You read the job description…

…OMG! Were they peering into your mind when they wrote it?

You feel violated – but in a good way.

Everything about the job screams “YOU“, but…

…a quick look shows there are already 651 comments, with every man and his dog tagging every other man and his dog.

You want this job.

You REALLY want it.

“Please send a CV and covering letter to…”

They’re going to be bombarded. The postman’s probably already booked a physio appointment for the day after.

How are you going to stand out?

What can you do to make your application scream, “CHOOSE ME!“?

What can you do to get this response:

When you’re applying for a dream job – one for which there are hundreds of applicants – this kind of response is a fantasy.

The first step to getting this kind of reply is realising what someone REALLY means when they say:

“Please send a CV and covering letter to…”

Roughly translated, this reads:

“I’m going to have to spend 8 hours a day interacting with you. Please send me some evidence that you’re not a total d1ckhead”.

That’s what the person REALLY wants to know.

When you realise this, the game changes.

Of course, you still have to jump through hoops and give evidence of qualifications and other boring stuff but, now you know what they want, you’ve got many more options.

After all, they want to know that they can last five minutes in your company without wanting to stab you in the neck with a pencil.

What can you do to convince them?

You need to give them a reason to want to meet you.

Or, as I always say…

…give them something to grab hold of – something that makes them think:

“I’ve got to meet this person, because…”.

Most people when sending CVs and covering letters spend their time worrying about grammar, punctuation and choosing the correct font…

…like everyone else.

You won’t get the kind of response above because you opted for Arial pt 12, instead of Garamond pt 11.

You get it by putting some personality into your letter. When you do that, they get a feel for you…

…you feel “safe” to them because they feel they know you a little already.

Dear Sir or Madam” gives them nothing – no intrigue, no “feel” and no safety.

Note – at no point have I said: “funny“, “hilarious” or “jokey“.

This isn’t about ADDING jokes and gags. It’s about stripping away all the formality and letting the real “you” shine through.

I’ll get to exactly how to do this in future emails (“you bloody tease!”) but, for now, try and spot when you’re holding back and hiding behind formality.

Ask yourself why you’re doing it, and think about what would happen if you relaxed and said what you really wanted to say…

Hope that’s useful,


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