…because you’ll have no customers, be broke and hate your life.

The times, they are, as people often say, a-changing.

They’re wrong.

It’s too late…they’ve already changed.

The “Gig Economy” is not only here, but it’s taken its shoes off, put the kettle on and asked for your WiFi password.

Yep, it’s here to stay!

As more people take advantage of technology to create a start-up, deliver pizza flavoured footwear or create apps – all from the comfort of their own home – humour and personality are only going to become MORE important.

Think about it. There is one natural conclusion to this increased connectedness and remote working:

Markets will become more crowded.

If you wanted to hire a designer ten years ago, you’d be asking your mates for recommendations.

If you found one, you’d be over the moon with delight.

Now, all you have to do is head over to Fiverr and you can find 8,354 of the blighters – all while sat in your underpants.

(That’s my preferred uniform for browsing. Yours may vary).

More competitors…

…in more spaces.

You’re going to HAVE to stand out.

You can’t afford to trot out the same old shyte as your competitors.

That idea you read in a blog, heard on a podcast or filtered down through your mother’s Thursday night Whist group isn’t going to work.

You’re going to need to be different.

You’re going to need to be YOU.

Don’t be afraid of that and, more importantly…

NEVER apologise for it.

Be yourself.

Let your personality shine through.

If you want customers to throw huge wads of cash in your direction, you need to give them a reason to choose you.

So give them something to grab on to…

…a bit of personality, humour and fun.

Because they should choose you.

You’re fucking awesome, but how are THEY ever going to realise that unless you show them?

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