The Power of Unique Interactions

One of the downsides of adding some humour and fun to your interactions is that it takes a little extra effort.

Sure, you can template a large amount of your written stuff but, if you want to make a connection with someone, you need to go the extra mile.

Going the extra mile takes more energy and time. I like to think it’s worth it, as it’s these little “extras” that people remember. It makes an otherwise meaningless interaction, meaningful.

They might not remember the layout of the store or the uniform of the staff, but they’ll sure as hell remember the laughs you shared as the firemen prized your husband from the booth at the “all you can eat” buffet restaurant.

Often, it’s these little moments that count the most.

They’re special.

They’re unique.

As a magician, the thing that lights me up about my job is the unique interactions I have with guests. I love the banter. If I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t last very long.

I’m sorry about Uncle Dave...”, the bride apologetically says, “he loves to give people a bit of stick…“.

Awesome! Gimme all the Uncle Dave’s you can handle! Tell him to bring his A-game and I’ll bring mine – let’s have some fun!

Some entertainers have a rigid script, which they stick to no matter what.

“You’re an accountant? Excellent, you’ll like this…I have one, two, three cards…”.

“You’re a stripper who was recently caught in a lewd act with a footballer, three litres of Vitalite and an industrial-strength hose? Excellent, you’ll like this…I have one, two, three cards…”.

People will always remember the unique interactions – the things you did, “just for them“. 

It’s this kind of thing that makes people feel valued and special.

This is the kind of stuff that makes them say, “you’re the one for me!“, so before you fire off that template, think how you can make this interaction – the one right in front of you – unique.