The secret power of typos…

Typos are bloody annoying right?

I’m so sorry Mr Jones, I honestly didn’t mean to type “Kind Retards…”‘.

We’ve all been there.

Typos are terrible…

…or are they?

Yes, always.

…or ARE they? 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to start an interesting, far-from-formal conversation that puts a smile on someone’s face, typos are GOLD.

Typos are like innuendos – all you have to do is slip one in and wait for people to grab hold and give it a ruddy good tug!

The message in the image above is a great example of one I sent a while back.

I saw the typo before I hit “SEND” but thought it was kinda funny, so decided to send it anyway, along with the apology text after I realised my “mistake“.

You’ll notice that it’s a harmless typo, not like that time I invited the mayoress round for a buffet…

(“I MEANT to text “Can’t wait to see you tuck in…“)

Who put the “F” key have to be right next to the “T“?

Anyway, this typo (the one in the picture) was inoffensive enough, so I sent it. It’s a bit more fun than the standard: “Yeah, that sounds good to me. See you then!” type of response.

Now, thanks to the typo, we both have a funny story to talk about the next time the subject comes up, or when we meet.

People love jokes…

…but what they REALLY love is TELLING jokes and stories that make other people laugh, smile and snort with hilarity.

They want to be the one to make people laugh!

Give them a funny story that makes them the life and soul of their next party, even if it’s only for five minutes, and they’ll remember you forever.