About the “Jay Shetty is full of shit” thing…

There’s a video going around calling out Jay Shetty for stealing other people’s quotes and passing them off as his own.

I have no desire to get into this. Legal battles are never fun and both combatants have far more money than I, so it would not end well for me…


It does highlight the MAJOR pitfall of being lazy when using humour.

And if you’re the kind of person that detests hate mail and expensive legal bills, you might want to pay attention.

Here’s the lesson:


Sooner or later, you’ll pay a price for your laziness.

(WARNING: I’m going to talk about “starting with your truth” again…)

When creating any kind of idea, content or marketing, start from YOUR truth.

Don’t look for things that you THINK are funny, or what has worked for other people.

Start with the truth.

Figure out:

  • WHO you are,
  • WHAT you’re selling,
  • WHO you’re selling it to,
  • WHERE you’re selling it to them, and
  • HOW you’re going to sell it to them.

Don’t peek over the fence at what everyone else is doing.

Get your own s#!t in order before you do ANYTHING.

Once you have all that sorted, THEN you can start figuring out how you’re going to go about it.

But still…

…don’t steal other people’s stuff.

Jay Shetty is probably a lovely, passionate human being. He’s probably hell-bent on making the world a better place. Trouble is, the comments about him below Nicole’s videos on her FB page would make an angry docker who stood on a piece of Lego blush.

All it took to wake the herd and turn them into an angry mob was the idea of Jay stealing other people’s material.

IF (and it’s a big IF) he did steal the ideas, it’s a shame. If he sat down and spent time creating, he’d probably come up with some good stuff that he could use in one of his videos.

And people wouldn’t be calling him rude names.

(well, this IS social media, so they’ll always be name-calling…)

He doesn’t need to steal, and neither do you.


When you base everything on truth – YOUR truth – you have nothing to fear and nothing to hide.

(that’s a Zig Ziglar quote, in case Nicole sees this).

P.S. Here are a few comedic ideas you CAN steal, to make your customers smile and help you stand out from your competition…