The key to Creating MORE Content

Yesterday, I tried my best to convince you that, to test a joke, or any idea, you need to give it 100%. You have to be enthusiastic.

You have to REALLY sell it.

Not only is enthusiasm infectious (in a good way, unlike that smooth-talking waiter you slept with in Greece last summer…), it can help you write more gags too.

Create more jokes AND test them better? Gimme some more of that, please.

When you’re enthusiastic, you put in more effort in the writing process, and you don’t give up at the first hurdle .

When you’re enthusiastic, you stick with ideas longer, explore them more and look for even more avenues.

You never settle for something so bloody obvious even a lazy five-year-old child could have done it.

In his book, “The Nymphomaniacs Guide to Calligraphy“*, Napoleon Hill, uses the story of the man who stopped “three feet from gold“.

If you haven’t got the book, here’s the gist – don’t give up too soon.

Enthusiasm helps you with this.

When you’re creating ANYTHING, keep in mind, WHY you’re doing it.

Are you doing it:

  • to advance your career?
  • to feed your family?
  • to learn a new skill and improve your life chances?

Thinking about WHY you’re doing a task should fill you with enthusiasm.

If it doesn’t, you should probably have a think about that.

*This was the working title of the first edition. Later editions were repackaged as “Think and Grow Rich“.