Why you NEED to lower your standards

One of the biggest blocks people have to using comedy is the worry that it won’t be hilarious, pee your pants funny.

At times like these, it’s worth reminding yourself of what we’re aiming for:

  • We’re looking to stand out from the “Dear Sir…” guys.
  • We’re wanting to bring more of “us” into our marketing.

Remember – FUN AND LIGHTHEARTED – that’s what we’re shooting for.

We’re using fun, comedy and humour to take a bit of the boring formality out of our work.

We’re communicating a little bit of ourselves, not auditioning for The Comedy Store, so lower the benchmark a little, OK?

What small thing can you do, right now, to make things a little more fun and lighthearted for your dream customer?


P.S. If you’re struggling, here’s one thing you can do, right now.