Humour don’t pay the bills…

The reason I’m a big fan of humour isn’t because I’m a noble soul, fulfilling my destiny of spreading joy as far and wide as possible.

(Imagine Mother Teresa, on stage at the Comedy Store… “How about that online dating, eh? I wrote “missionary” in the position section and got 5,243 messages…”)

Of course, I AM that magnanimous and generous, but that’s still not why I’m doing it.

After all, smiles don’t pay the bills.

If you don’t believe me, go into Tesco, pick up a laptop and ask how many one-liners they’ll take for it.

They’ll laugh. And not in a good way.

Laughs don’t cause people to open their wallets. If they did, we’d see a lot more creative muggers.

Wait, so if comedy doesn’t make you an instant gazillionaire, what’s the point?

Comedy, like copywriting, speling* and learning to make pretty social media images, is a tool.

It’s a weapon in your armoury to help get, and keep, your audience’s attention.

If you can get them to pay attention, they’re going to listen.

If they listen, they’re in a place to make a YES or NO decision.

Using humour isn’t about getting a set amount of laughs per minute. It’s about getting – and keeping – your audiences attention.

Humour is one of the tools to help you do this.

It’s a fun one though, and one worth adding to your bank of tactics. 🙂

*Totally intentional.

P.S. I should probably still put a link to this in this bit. It’s open until Sunday.