How to be Funny…Without Being Funny

“There are two rules for success:

1. Never reveal everything you know.”

– Roger H. Lincoln

Let’s get this out there – you CAN be funny without actually being funny.

We’ve all laughed our socks off at something innocent and totally free of humour, so there must be a way we can make this work for us and our business…


Good news – there is and, like most of the fabulous things in life, there’s a boring process behind it.

I first explored the idea of being funny without actually doing anything funny a few years ago, when I added an FAQ page to my website.

To make it different, I posted the answers to the most asked questions…

…but NOT the actual questions.

Not hilarious, but different, quirky and light-hearted enough to stand out.

(That’s all we’re after, remember?)

I took something not funny (a FAQ page) and broke it in half. I didn’t ADD anything funny. I didn’t spend ages writing any witty lines or gags.

The act of breaking it in half and posting it was funny in itself.

It was novel, new and a surprise.

Comedy is doing or looking at something in a surprising way.

The idea of only giving them half also taps into the “curiosity factor” that people crave.

It’s like a cliffhanger…

…if you only saw the “after” bit.


Have a look around your business real-estate. Is there anything you could make a bit more funny, using only the power of editing?

P.S. My “Make me funny” membership is still open for a few more days at the never-to-be-repeated price of £29.

(and I do mean that BTW – I’m not DFS).

Here’s the link if you’re a tiny bit interested.

Let’s put our heads together and create some amazing ideas for you and your business!