People Like Jokes

People like jokes.

Not only hearing and reacting to them, but telling them too.

They love the buzz they get from making other people laugh.

If you (yes, YOU!) can help them make other people laugh, your customers will remember you.

Not only that, they’ll look forward to the next email that gives them a comedy hit.
Help make them appear funny and they’ll love you forever*.

You need to make it as easy as possible for them though, because people are lazy bastards.

Don’t tell them how to be funny.

GIVE them something they can use to be funny.

I explore this idea a bit in “Funny is Money“, but I wanted to give you a taster.

What’s a quick comedy win?


Quick one or two-line jokes that anyone can remember and deliver.

Give them jokes to transform themselves into Mr/Mrs/Miss Personality and they’ll thank you.

Do yourself a favour and Google “Dad jokes”…

Copy as many as you can into Evernote, Word or hand carve them into a tree. Wherever you store your important details.

Start using them in emails, letters, monographs and telegrams.

You’re not looking for monster laughs. You’re looking to brighten their day – to give them something they can use to make themselves a little more popular.

Give them a reason to open your email and actually read it.

Spend a bit of time thinking of how you can insert short jokes into your work.

  • Maybe it’s a reward for having made it to the bottom of your sales page?
  • How about a different joke on each page of your lead magnet?
  • When sending invoices, use them to soften the blow a little…

You’re welcome. 🙂

* at the latest exchange rate, Forever was equal to 4.67 earth years