“Facebook’s down….AAAARRRGGGHHH!”

Facebook’s down…


…but there’s an opportunity for an easy gag…

‘Oh, well that’s good…but still…”AAARRRGGGHHHH!“‘

Yesterday, Facebook had to block the upload of all images for an extended period. This was due to President Trump, who authorised an injunction requiring that all images be deemed “potentially threatening” unless proven otherwise.

This is, of course, absolute bollocks, but it is far more interesting than

Cloudflare was being a tool“.

It gave us an opportunity for a gag though.

Did you spot it?

The image above is what everyone was seeing on their timelines yesterday.

How could we exploit it? How could YOU exploit it for comedic gain?


What could you – theoretically – post a picture of that your customers would REALLY want to see?

What secrets do you have?

What would make them scream out, “I GOTTA SEE THIS!”?

Are you a puppeteer who could reveal a “here’s what it looks like from underneath” image, or are you a porn star who could reveal a “here’s what it looks like from underneath” image?

What’s the one thing your customer really wants to see or know, but you CAN’T show them?

For me, it could be the secret of how I magically make two lemons appear under a cup.

If you’re an author, it could be a shot of the last page of your mystery novel.

If you’re an electrician, maybe “this is the one trip switch you should NEVER touch!

I can’t believe I found this button on my car…GAME CHANGER!

It doesn’t even need to be about your business…

Is my cockring supposed to look like THIS?