Excuses, excuses…

One of the main ideas I wanted to get across in the introduction to “Funny is Money” was that:

You don’t have to be totally hilarious to use humour and comedy in your business.

The gag used in the leaflet that fell through my door yesterday is a great example of this.

Here it is in all it’s glory:

It’s not piss-your-pants funny and you don’t need the comedy skills of Louis CK to be able to come up with silly reasons, but the idea is DIFFERENT.

Different enough to be noticed and different enough to stand out.

And that’s what we’re after – an edge over our competition.

No matter how funny you think you are, you can do this.

In fact, LET’S do this.

What spurious and silly excuses can you think of for your customers to buy what you’re offering?

Come up with five.

REMEMBER: don’t worry about being the most hilarious person on the planet (Jim Davidson already beat you to it!), just be silly and playful.