Agonising Over A Blog Post Image

Agonising Over A Blog Post Image


This is mostly what I was saying yesterday, as I struggled to create the perfect image for a blog post.

Perfectionism is a bloody nightmare, and it’s even worse in comedy because you’re not only battling your own idea of perfection, you’re wondering what the hell everyone else is going to think about it too!

I spent far too long yesterday making small and insignificant changes to an image, in the vain hope that, at some point, my brain would go ‘YES! THAT’S IT!’.

I felt like a safecracker.

It never happened. I just had to reach a point where I accepted defeat and say, ‘that’s good enough..’ and hit ‘SEND’.

I made a video talking about this (which you can see by clicking here), including screenshots of the various images I came up with, and eventually…begrudgingly…the one I settled on.

If you can’t be arsed to watch: basically, deadlines are a good way to keep the perfectionism demons away.

Set yourself a deadline and stop when you reach it.