How to Get Your Subconscious Mind to Create Jokes For You

The most frustrating thing about creating jokes is that it feels like it should be the kind of thing that should just happen naturally, like closing your eyes when you sneeze or changing the channel when you see Piers Morgan.

You sit down, get out your Moleskine (how do you pronounce that BTW?) and just “create” jokes. Like magic.

If you’ve tried this approach and it works for you, know that I hate you.

A lot.

Sure, you can get lucky. It does happen. If this is you, know that I STILL hate you.

For the rest of us, the process is usually more awkward than that.

You need to struggle and strain until your brain bleeds. Often you’ll come up with nothing. That’s fine because we’re about to unleash your most powerful weapon (no, not your “guns”, put your sweater back on!).

Your subconscious.

Once you’ve sweated all there is to sweat, stop. Relax and let your brain go to work and process it.

You need to struggle and sweat though. You need to do the hard work.

You can’t coast in a car without getting up some speed first.

It’s the same with jokes – do the hard work to get up some speed and then take your foot off the pedal and allow your brain to come up with some funny ideas.

Oh, and keep your pad handy, as the brain has it’s own sense of humour when choosing when to deliver these hilarious ideas.