Once You’ve Created Your Joke…Now What?

I’m still typing up what will be the final part of the initial “Funny Business” series of posts.

If you’re playing along, you’ve uncovered some truths, added some attitude, created some premises and then acted out a bit (in a good way).

If you haven’t been following along, you’ve probably seen some cat videos, stalked that girl you liked in school and uttered the words “BASTARD BREXIT” 835 times.

The final part is where we’ll mix things up a bit…because it’s called “The mix”! (geddit? Because we’ll “mix things up”…)

Anyway, the last part is where we’ll put the finishing touches to the jokes as if we’re performing it in a stand-up set.

“Whoa! Hang on a sec..I’m not going on stage like that Terry Seinfeld fella. I just want to add a few fun ideas to my website, blog and videos.”

I was getting to that.

“Oh, sorry. I apologise for the premature intrusion.”

Even though you’re not going to use the jokes exactly as you create them in this exercise, you’ll still be using them as a basis for funny ideas in blog posts, web copy and speeches.

In essence, the “Funny Business” formula allows you to create funny ideas around your business, market, niche, or whatever and THEN adapt it to your medium.

Here’s an example:

For a while, I used the term “I do card tricks for drunk people!” on my website. I liked it, it conveyed a lot about my character and let people know that I wasn’t going to be one of those “artists” who took themselves far too seriously and was an utter nightmare to work with (“I demand my own trailer…facing South-South-East…made from Dairylea Triangles…”).

Believe it or not, I used the concepts in the previous posts to come up with “I do card tricks for drunk people!”.

Let’s see how I used it in various settings:

WEBSITE: For a while, I had, right at the top of my page: “Hi, I’m John. I do card tricks for drunk people. Want your guests laughing and having a great time at YOUR event, so you can relax, enjoy your day and take the credit?”

NETWORKING/SPEECHES: When having a slot for a 60-second pitch, I would use this as contrast at the beginning.

Let me show you:

“Hi, I’m John. I’m a corporate entertainer who specialises in engaging with guests and maximising the impact of your events…”


“OK, fine. I do card tricks for drunk people at weddings and corporate events…HAPPY NOW?”

You can also imagine how you could use this at the start of a speech.

BLOG POST: It’s very easy to just put this gag into a blog post:

“so when you’re hiring someone to do card tricks for drunk people…er, I mean…when you’re looking to hire a high end, sophisticated entertainer…”

The point is not to create a perfectly crafted joke – something that you etch in stone and use over and over.

The idea is to come up with a fundamental “gag” – a joke that can be tweaked to suit whatever medium you need it for.

Anyway, as the celebrity who was modelling in the cranium department of Louis Tussauds said to a reporter who asked: “what are you doing here?”…

…”I’m getting ahead of myself…”*

Well, begin putting these ideas together soon…

*And the award for the most convoluted joke of the day goes to…

(I set myself a challenge to come up with something for that. You have to do these things…)