The Comedy Genius of a Hard Boiled Egg

One thing I love about comedy is that truly ridiculous things can make you laugh.

Sure, you can go to a comedy club, pay an extortionate amount for a beer and laugh your face off, but that’s what you expect to happen.

The real fun for me happens when you laugh until your eyes are drained and your lungs hurt over nothing.


Kids are great for this.

My youngest is 9. Several years ago, we were trying to make each other laugh. I can’t even remember what started it but we reached a point where her saying the word “hard-boiled eggs” made me burst.

Ever since then, we’ve had this thing where she just has to look at me and say, “hard…boiled..” and I’m gone.

Here’s the thing though, she doesn’t say it normally. The first time she did, as it was a response to something funny that happened, but now…?

Now, it’s morphed into an over-enunciated, elongated monstrosity that sounds like someone is trying to warn me of impending danger, but suffering a stroke at the same time.


By the time she’s got to the 5th “Y” in “boiled”, I’m gone.

Every time.

And this isn’t one of those “doing it for the kids” things, where you let them win at Scrabble, or pretend to trip over your shoelace on school sports day (I totally meant for that to happen!)- I genuinely can’t help it.

It’s gone Pavlovian.

Comedy can be weird and unexplainable at times.

I love comedy like this – it really highlights the special moments.

(Balls. I realise that now I’ve told you about the “hard-boiled egg” thing, you now know my weakness and may use it against me to gain sexual favour…)