More About Funny Premises and Attitude

If you’re following along and thinking about what’s SCARY, WEIRD, HARD or STUPID about your business/market, I hope you’re enjoying it.

I want you to spend a bit of time on this because, even though it’s not the most fun part, it is the most important.

By far.

Every joke needs a crystal clear premise and your “It’s hard when…” type answers are that premise.

I know what you’re thinking…

‘WAIT A MINUTE! I saw Roy Chubby Brown at Southend pier three years ago and hardly any of his jokes began with, “It’s hard being a fat pensioner in a multi-coloured suit…”‘

You’re right, and I was getting to that.

After we’ve added the punchline to the premise (don’t worry, it’s coming!), we’re going to edit the jokes into the best form for you, your audience and the media you’re using.

Eventually, when you’re used to the process, you’ll be able to skip some these steps but, for now, please do follow along, as the consequences of not doing so could be disastrous*.

Asking, and answering, the “What’s SCARY, STUPID, WEIRD, or HARD about…?” forces us to looks for truths and issues, rather than empty and vague ideas or just venting.

I’ll put the finishing touches** to the punchline post over the weekend and post it on Monday, just to give you some extra time to really nail these premises and maybe create some more.

Have a great weekend and, if you have any questions, just ask. 🙂

*Disastrous – experiencing unsatisfactory jokes (usually the result of skipping a step in a comedic writing formula you saw on a blog).

** I haven’t started it yet. You guessed that already, didn’t you?