Deconstructing The Raymond Holt Mood Scale Joke

It’s been a while since I’ve done a deconstructing YouTube video, so let’s change that.

The above image was created after seeing an image on Facebook by Dan Meredith (sporter of beards and user of the words “balls” and “deep”).

In fact, here’s the image he posted:

It sparked an idea in my little head, so off I ran with it.

The Raymond Holt mood scale is the finished joke I came up with. Brooklyn 99 fans probably don’t need an explanation. If you’re not a 99 fan, firstly – what the heck is wrong with you? It’s like the best show ever! Secondly, don’t worry, I explain the gag in the video, so you won’t miss out.

How did I get from Dan’s post to the Ray Holt one? Simple, but to learn it you’ll have to watch the video on YouTube (it’s OK – you don’t see my face, I don’t say the word “moist” and I’m remain clothed the entire time).

You can see the video by clicking this link.

It’s a good example of how inspiration can hit when you’re least expecting it and what to do with it when it does strike.

I hope you enjoy the video!