The First Rule of Comedy Writing is…

The first rule of comedy is…

… don’t forget your notebook.

In the old days, if a comedian got an idea for a gag, they’d make sure to carve it into a cave wall…

… before testing it out on stage at “Thag’s Comedy And Jazz Night” (Line Dancing every other Thursday).

Even prehistoric comedians knew that ideas are fickle and fleeting beasts.

You need to get used to writing ideas down as soon as you get them.

If you’re not blessed with access to a fresh cave wall and a stone, feel free to use your phone because ideas come at the weirdest times.

You could be sat at a desk for 8 hours, headphones on, incense stick burning… nothing.

Yet, the moment you step out of the room to peg out the washing…


THAT’S when that killer idea you’ve been working so hard to find lands in your brain.

Just as you’re hanging out your wife’s pants (on the washing line), the idea you’ve been working so hard for becomes crystal clear.

“I don’t need to write it down…I’m sure I’ll remember it”.


Oh no, you won’t.

Even if you’re only two minutes away from a pen, that perfect, fully formed idea will be long gone before you get there.

So… before you do anything else, have a system for getting your ideas down.

Use a notepad, your phone or shave the idea into your partners back – just make sure you get into the habit of recording your ideas because there’s nothing more frustrating than struggling to remember that million-dollar idea you had while you were deworming your neighbour’s cat!

(apart from discovering that your neighbour doesn’t actually have a cat…)

When inspiration hits, make sure you’re ready.