How to write funny blog posts – VIDEO #3 – The Curious Piano Teacher blog

Another video, this one featuring a post from the very cooly named “The Curious Piano Teachers” blog.

Here’s a direct link to the post I used in the video, where they explore the idea of perfect pitch, while I explore the idea of making perfect pitch slightly comical.

Here’s a video with what I did:

As ever, all blogs/words featured in the videos have been chosen entirely at random. I’m not picking blogs because they are good/bad/indifferent. I’m just picking random blogs I find randomly scouring the internet.

Hope you enjoy the video. If you did, let me know. You can email me at or tell Freda, the lady that lives next door to you and she’ll happily pass on the message.

If you’d like me to feature your blog in a video, feel free to get in touch. The details are in the previous paragraph. I can’t make any promises that I’ll be able to do a video of your stuff, but I do promise that I will at least read your email. 🙂