5 Ideas for Vision Express (or any optician)

1. Blurry Fonts

Send out mailers, reminding customers that they are due an eye test, but make all the words on the front SUPER blurry, convincing readers (or should that be “squinters”?) that they have a particularly nasty eye problem, and are likely to go blind unless they quickly secure an appointment.

2. Remind People That Reading is a Good Thing

Remind customers that the ability to read is important and, to read, you need eyes that work reasonably well. If you don’t, you can make mistakes…

3. The Dangers of Cheap Glasses

Warn people of the social implications of wearing cheap and tacky glasses. Sure, it worked for Timmy Mallet in the 1980s, but where is he now?

I’ll tell you where he is. He’s working on the veg counter at a Tesco near Shepherd’s Bush…

Actually, that’s a lie. I have no idea where he is now.

Shit, I better check because if he’s dead, I’m going to feel REALLY guilty.


It’s OK, he’s still alive and doing his thing. Phew!

Still, the point remains, don’t be the one wearing tawdry eyewear.

4. REFEREE!!!!

Use social media to launch an initiative where you offer free eye tests to referees who make appalling calls in important matches.

You’ll have to REALLY search for these as football fans are famously respectful of referees and are often reticent to express their disapproval of decisions made during the game.

5. For Kids…

To stop kids being a bloody* nightmare when having their eyes tested, send them out a pack they can interact with before they come to the store.

This could include links to a personalised video, looking through the eyes of a child of what to expect when they arrive at the store, as well as activities to complete and fill out at home (eye charts, with patches and floor markers), so they can check their own eyesight before they arrive.

Get them invested and involved while at home and your job at the store will be much easier.

* You may choose a stronger adjective.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to use the ideas, copy them, sell them, swap them for an old copy of the Beano or print them out, rip them up and use them like confetti. Go nuts. If you’d like some ideas for your own business, let’s have a chat.