5 Ways to Funny-up your Testimonial Page

Having a solid testimonial page is a great way to build your credibility without having to actually meet, engage or talk with clients (Ewwww!).

Potential customers are weary; they are far more likely to respect someone else’s opinion of you and your work, rather than your own (go figure), so you should always try to grab testimonials where you can and display them proudly, all over your website, brochures, and underwear.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the more testimonials you have, the better. You can’t have too many of the damn things. Not only should you have a testimonial page stuffed full of lovely things said by other people, but testimonials can also be a great way of breaking up text-heavy web copy and blog posts.

That’s a great point John. Quotes really do break up blocks of text quite well – thanks!”

Whether you have a lorry load of testimonials or whether you’re still trying to grab your first one, there are some things you can do to make your testimonial page stand out from the crowd and give your potential customers a bit of a giggle.

Here’s 5:

1. Fake Testimonials

Make up some fake testimonials to throw in with the real ones. Be sure to actually mention this on your website though, just in case potential clients really do think that Mother Teresa thought your pooper scooper was, and I quote, “FUCKING AWESOME!”

Make it fun.

Make it a competition. “Here are some amazing testimonials from real people, just like you. Actually, two of them are completely fake, but, if you tell us which ones are, you get a 10% discount/free guide/back rub!” (delete where applicable or legal).

2. Competition Time!

Send an email to ALL of your past customers and run a competition with a prize for the best, but truthful, testimonial. You can even invent a scoring system, with extra points for video with a costume and dodgy accent, for example.

3. “But I don’t have any testimonials!!”

Fear not. If you don’t have any testimonials, orjust fancy doing something a bit different, why not take a photo of an old school report, and highlight how the skills you showed as a pre-pubescent teen relate to your present work?

‘John was a disturbance to the class’ becomes: ‘John shows leadership potential and can easily attract attention’.

‘John…John Holt?… Who? Was he even in my class?’ becomes: “John fits in and has an uncanny ability to blend into any environment’.

‘John set fire to three buildings, destroying the school, causing millions of pounds worth of damage.’ – translation: ‘John impact can be measured in the millions!’.

4. Pile them all together

Why not take all of your testimonials and make them into word art drawing of your logo? Basically, this is a drawing of anything to do with your business, such as your logo, brand or receptionist, where the lines are actually comprised of text from your testimonials.

5. Dredge the testimonial swamp

If you’re running low on testimonials, or have none at all, look for other kind words you’ve received in your life and use those.

Have you ever sold anything on eBay? If so, feel free to grab some feedback off there and use that.

As Socrates once said:

“You can tell more about a man by how he packages up his second hand unwanted tat and by the swiftness of his seller communciations, than by any other means…” *

Have a quick look through your eBay history and see what lovely things people have said. It’s not often you can get an A+++++++ rating with 15 exclamation points at the end.

So there you have 5 ways to funny-up your usage of testimonials. I hope you found them useful and if you have any other ideas, please feel free to comment below and share them!

* I think that’s what he said. He was very drunk at the time and the pub was quite noisy. Hang on, there’s a chance it may not have been THE Socrates…

I still stand by it though.

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